Shanghai Creatives

Shanghai creatives were started by a group of foreign entrepreneurs settled in Shanghai for a number of years.

We very soon became aware that we were exhausting our time and resources looking for quality products and services at fair prices to support our creations. By taking recommendations from trusted peers, we found we were able to save a great deal of time and find better solutions. This also allowed us to devote more energy to the design of our creations.

From this base, we have grown into a network of people whom either create or offer support to creators.

One of our main activities is hosting designer markets for entrepreneurs. The designer markets are a fantastic way to showcase and sell their products to the general public and also gain first-hand feedback.

Our group is ever expanding, if you would like to hear more about joining our network we would love to hear from you.

We are working towards forming a solid network of resources to aid Entrepreneurs and creative minds achieve their goals!

For example, you may be a product designer, and surely confident of your skills in that section, but what if you need a website made or a photographer, so you can show your products the best way possible. Maybe you need a graphic designer to create your logo or brochure or need a reliable printer. Would you know where to get things at a local level, where you can be confident you will get quality service at a fair price?

By combining our resources, experiences, and information we aim to provide quality information and help.